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The transportation of your goods to market  is what makes your world go around. For most It is a huge part of doing business. Most have it wrong however. Transportation is not a four letter word. A properly managed transportation program can or should be looked at as your golden goose.  

By employing the services of a conscientious broker you will generally reduces your overall transportation cost. As a business partner a good brokerage  firm will work with you to secure the proper equipment for the task at hand at a fair market rate. Brokerage will hunt for equipment to transport your freight at what is know as backhaul rates which can generally be less than an asset based outbound carrier would charge. Is just the way it works. Just a few of the benefits of working with a broker along with your asset based carriers are:  Have a single point of contact to line up transportation services in all lanes. Have a single point of contact while in transit. Generally you will realize a lower freight rate structure. You will receive standardized billing with all the information you require. And others. Our job is to make your task easier. 

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We have a history of negotiating for and paying a fair rate to our trucks in the most timely manner. We can provide you with hundreds of references. You haul it for us, hold up your end of the deal and we will hold our end. Guaranteed!  Enough said about that. 

As drivers our self, we understand the trials encountered everyday by the folks behind the wheel who are working hard to get the job done. Should you encounter issues while in transit under one of our loads we will go to work Immediately to resolve those issues . Also having been in the trucking business since 1986 my list of contacts are far reaching. Should you require services such as warehousing, redelivery, maintenance etc. and any other related services across the country we will try to help you get that done at no charge. Feel free to call upon us at any time for any reason. .



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